DURAVIT D-Code - Double Washbasin for Furniture 1200x490mm with 2 tap holes with overflow white without WonderGliss

Duravit - D-Code Basin
حوالي 1-2 أسابيع

Product details

General الشركة المصنعة DURAVIT
سلسلة D-Code
Type Double Washbasin for Furniture
رقم البند 03481200002
تصميم Sieger Design
Availability حوالي 1-2 أسابيع
Measurements (العرض (مم 1200
(العمق (مم 490
(الطول (مم 180
Inside depth (mm) 135
Characteristics متزايد wall-mounted
Tap holes with 2 tap holes
Overflow with overflow
شكل مربع
Ground underside glazed
Suitability suitable for furniture and for 2 monobloc fittings, tap holes punched through
Colour, Material, Surface
Colour, Material, Surface اللون white
Surface treatment No
Coating without WonderGliss
مادة sanitary ceramic
Notes Please note
  • Space saving siphon not included, you will find this under accessories.
  • Please order mounting material separately. You will find this under accessories.
Shipping information
Shipping information نطاق تسليم
  • Washbasin

Product description

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