DURAVIT Starck 1 - Countertop Washbasin for Console 530x530mm without tap holes with overflow white with WonderGliss

Duravit - Starck 1 Basin
حوالي 1-2 أسابيع

Product details

General الشركة المصنعة DURAVIT
سلسلة Starck 1
Type Countertop Washbasin for Console
رقم البند 04085300001
تصميم Philippe Starck
Availability حوالي 1-2 أسابيع
Measurements (العرض (مم 530
(العمق (مم 530
(الطول (مم 145
Characteristics متزايد top-mounting
Tap holes without tap holes
Overflow with overflow
شكل جولة
شكل الداخل جولة
Ground underside grounded / polished
Suitability suitable for furniture
  • Duravit WonderGliss
    Innovative ceramic glazes make use of our products more comfortable and hygienic. Limescale, residues and dirt flow off WonderGliss more easily.
Colour, Material, Surface
Colour, Material, Surface اللون white
Surface treatment Yes
Coating with WonderGliss
مادة sanitary ceramic
Notes Please note
  • Please order waste set separately. You will find these under accessories.
Shipping information
Shipping information نطاق تسليم
  • Washbasin
  • Overflow clip

Product description

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