DURAVIT Viu - Urinal mit Spüldüse Rimless Zulauf von hinten mit Fliege weiß HygieneGlaze

حوالي 1-2 أسابيع

Product details

General الشركة المصنعة DURAVIT
سلسلة Viu
Type Urinal
Variant / Model with fly
رقم البند 2816302007
تصميم Sieger Design
Delivery Time حوالي 1-2 أسابيع
Measurements (العرض (مم 310
(الطول (مم 585
(العمق (مم 305
Characteristics شكل مربع / جولة
Supply from the rear
Drain from the rear
متزايد wall-mounted
Suitability suitable for installing without a lid
Flushing rim rimless
Power supply without power supply
  • Duravit HygieneGlaze
    Permanently baked glaze that significantly reduces bacterial growth and kills bacteria.
Colour, Material, Surface
Colour, Material, Surface اللون white
مادة sanitary ceramic
Surface treatment Yes
Coating with HygieneGlaze
Notes Please note
  • Only compatible with adjustable concealed flushometers.
  • Please order installation parts separately. You will find these under accessories.
Shipping information
Shipping information نطاق تسليم
  • Urinal
  • Without lid
  • Supply set
  • Mounting material

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