GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl - Shower System Rainshower SmartActive Cube 310 with Thermostatic Mixer chrome / moon white

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Product details

General الشركة المصنعة GROHE
سلسلة Grohtherm SmartControl
Type Shower System
Variant / Model Rainshower SmartActive Cube 310 with Thermostatic Mixer
رقم البند 34706LS0
تصميم GROHE
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Measurements (العرض (مم 310
(العمق (مم 585
(الإسقاط (مم 430
Characteristics Equipment / Consists of
نوع الاتصال high pressure
صلة Basic Set
حجم اتصال DN15 - ½″
متزايد wall-mounted (concealed)
شكل مربع
Characteristics Head Shower
Characteristics Head Shower حجم الدش العلوي ◻ 310 x 310 mm
حمام دش علوي 430 mm
Shower arm rigid
رأس دش مشترك بدون كرة مشتركة
عدد أنواع الطائرات من الدش العلوي 2 أنواع الرش
رش أنواع دش العلوية
  • GROHE ActiveRain Spray
  • GROHE Pure Spray
    The name says it all – showering in its purist form. A soft, transparent stream of revitalizing water is delivered from the centre of the showerhead to create a stream that is reminiscent of a fresh, mountain spring.
Technologies Head Shower
  • GROHE DreamSpray
    Balanced flow in multiple spray patterns.
  • GROHE InnerWater Guide
    Protects against scalding and prolongs the life of the chrome surface.
  • GROHE SpeedClean
    Remove limescale with a simple wipe.
Characteristics Hand Shower
Characteristics Hand Shower حجم دش اليد 216 mm
طول دش خرطوم 1500 mm
عدد أنواع الطائرات من الدش العلوي 1 نوع طائرة
Spray mode hand shower
  • GROHE Normal Spray
    A great all-encompassing spray pattern with a refreshing and relaxing effect. Its universal appeal makes it the perfect all-rounder.
maximum flow of the hand shower at a water pressure of 3 bar 9.5 l/min
Technologies Hand Shower
  • GROHE DreamSpray
    Balanced flow in multiple spray patterns.
  • GROHE EcoJoy
    Water-saving technology that also saves you money.
Characteristics Thermostat
Characteristics Thermostat كلبشة with SmartControl rotary-/push-switcher
Cartridge with ceramic mixing system
محدد درجة الحرارة with adjustable temperature limiter, safety barrier at 38°C
محدد التدفق with adjustable flow limiter
الوقاية من الجزر مع منع الارتجاع
Silencer without silencer
Technologies Thermostat
  • GROHE SafeStop
    Allows you to set a maximum temperature of 38° C to prevent scalding.
  • GROHE SafeStop Plus
    Lets you add a further limit of 43° C for an extra level of safety.
  • GROHE SmartControl
    The ultimative shower control: On/Off by pressing a button and volume control by turning.
  • GROHE StarLight
    High shine chrome coating makes cleaning easy.
  • GROHE TurboStat
    Precise control for the perfect constant temperature.
  • GROHE ProGrip
    Adjust water temperature and volume by turning the SmartControl buttons.
Colour, Material, Surface
Colour, Material, Surface مادة المعادن / البلاستيك / زجاج الأمان
اللون chrome / moon white
سطح لامع
Shipping information
Shipping information نطاق تسليم
  • Hand shower
  • Shower thermostat
  • Shower head
  • Shower hose
  • Wall elbow
  • Concealed unit(s)
  • Mounting material
Product Video
Installation Video

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