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SmartControl is an innovative and intuitive shower system for an exceptional shower experience. Its "push, turn" controls give you a new experience. Your Euphoria Smartcontrol shower fits perfectly into your bathroom thanks to its modern design with clean lines.

Shower Systems Euphoria SmartControl at a glance

Euphoria 310

Euphoria 260 


Three buttons :
• Jet Pure Rain
• Jet Active Rain
• Hand Shower

Two buttons :

• Head Shower
• Hand Shower

• Change head shower jet type 


Round or square



• Chrome StarLight
• Moonlight acryl and glass

•Chrome StarLight

Size of head shower

Diameter: 310 mm

Diameter: 260 mm

To enjoy this unique moment, make your choice between Euphoria SmartControl 310 or Euphoria Smartcontrol 260. >>Learn more


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Are you looking for a new shower? The Euphoria SmartControl shower system is a perfect choice. With its many variants, it is suitable for every taste and every bathroom. The 310 mm overhead shower is available in round or square design. You can choose between the jet disc in chrome Starlight or Moonwhite acrylic glass finishes.

SmartControl technology makes it easy to switch between the two jets of the overhead shower and the hand shower thanks to the three buttons on the thermostatic mixer. They are easy to use: simply press the button for the desired jet and turn it to adjust the power of the water flow. It is possible to combine the jets. Besides, the system saves your preferred flow rates and temperatures for the next use.

With the Euphoria SmartControl shower system, choose the type of jet you want according to your wishes. The PureRain jet offers you a pleasant soft shower, while the ActiveRain jet is a powerful and invigorating jet, ideal for rinsing out shampoo.

The numerous technologies used by GROHE offer you even more comfort. TurboStat technology allows you to set the water to the desired temperature and maintains it throughout the shower. No risk of burning yourself with CoolTouch technology, which ensures that the surface of the mixer is never too hot to the touch. Cleaning the SpeedClean silicone nozzles is child's play: limescale can be removed in a single step. The shower rail is easy to install thanks to the QuickFix system, the top bracket fits into existing holes.

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The Euphoria SmartControl 260 shower system offers you a varied choice. Its thermostatic mixer is equipped with two buttons, for the hand shower and head shower. Its innovative button in the centre of the head shower's diffusion plate allows you to control the three spray zones with your fingertips. Simply turn the knob to choose between the Jet spray, the SmartRain spray for an energising and relaxing effect or the PureRain spray to feel like under summer rain.

The head shower is mounted on a swivel shower arm allowing 180° flexibility for even more comfort. The hand shower holder slides along the shower bar for height adjustment.

Don't forget the GROHE EasyReach tablet to keep your shower gel and shampoo within easy reach thanks to its flat surface.

The innovative GROHE SmartControl technology also provides a shower system that allows you to choose between a hand shower, head shower and bath/shower entrance to enjoy the SmartControl experience.

Euphoria SmartControl combines several technologies such as the Starlight chrome coating for easy cleaning, TwistFree shower hoses that prevent the hose from twisting or the SafeStop function to prevent users, especially children, from raising the temperature above 38°.